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Understanding the Silk-Road Scholarship for Humanities and Social Sciences at SNU

Explore the exciting opportunities of the Silk Road Scholarship at Seoul National University. Discover eligibility, benefits, the application process, and how it could change your graduate education experience.
Understanding the Silk-Road Scholarship for Humanities and Social Sciences at SNU

As an aspiring international student, the world is your oyster, with countless destinations, universities, and study programs. But if you're from a Silk Road region country, let me highlight a particularly compelling opportunity: the Silk Road Scholarship at Seoul National University (SNU). This unique program, focused on humanities and social sciences, is an unparalleled opportunity to deepen your knowledge while living and studying in South Korea, one of Asia's most dynamic countries.

Eligibility for the Silk Road Scholarship is broad. You are welcome to apply if you are a graduate student from a country along the historic Silk Road and have a passion for humanities or social sciences—from the Korean language and history to culture, politics, or economics. This scholarship targets those eager to delve into the fascinating realms of Korean society and culture and those who want to contribute to their understanding of the Silk Road region's relation to South Korea and everyone in between.

If accepted into this prestigious program, you will benefit greatly. The Silk Road Scholarship provides a full tuition fee exemption for up to four semesters, meaning you can focus on your studies without worrying about overwhelming costs. But the assistance doesn't stop there. SNU understands that living in a new country comes with its own expenses, so the scholarship also provides a monthly living allowance of up to 600,000 KRW for four semesters. In terms of getting you to South Korea, SNU has that covered too! You will receive up to 1 million KRW for one economy round-trip flight. Once in South Korea, you can immerse yourself in Korean language courses at the renowned Language Education Institute, completely free of charge.

It's worth noting that around five new graduate students are selected each year, making this an exclusive opportunity within your grasp. Applications open every Fall semester and are submitted to SNU's Office of Admissions and Office of International Affairs. Selection is made by the respective Colleges/Schools based on the admission documents, with decisions promptly communicated.

Whether you're a newly admitted SNU candidate or just in the process of applying, this scholarship is a golden ticket to graduate education in South Korea. So, why not take this exciting leap? The Silk Road Scholarship at SNU is not just about funding—it's about creating connections, understanding cultures, and fostering lifelong friendships.

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