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How to Qualify for CNU’s SRS and BK SRS Scholarships

Explore the eligibility and benefits of Chonnam National University’s Strategic Researchers Scholarship (SRS) and BK Strategic Researchers Scholarship (BK SRS). Find out how these scholarships can support your academic journey in Korea.
How to Qualify for CNU’s SRS and BK SRS Scholarships
How to Qualify for CNU’s SRS and BK SRS Scholarships

If you’re considering studying in Korea, Chonnam National University (CNU) offers valuable scholarships that can significantly ease the financial burden. This article will provide an overview of two main scholarships: the Strategic Researchers Scholarship (SRS) and the BK Strategic Researchers Scholarship (BK SRS). I’ll cover eligibility criteria, benefits, and important notes to help you navigate these opportunities effectively.

Understanding Your Eligibility

A. Strategic Researchers Scholarship (SRS)

The SRS is designed for students who have a strong academic background and a keen interest in research. Here are the key eligibility points:

• Prospective Advisor: To be considered for the SRS, applicants must have a prospective advisor professor at CNU. This means you need to establish a connection with a professor who will support your research goals.

• No Separate Application Needed: You do not need to submit a separate application form for this scholarship. If you meet the eligibility criteria and are accepted into CNU, you will be automatically considered for the SRS.

B. BK Strategic Researchers Scholarship (BK SRS)

The BK SRS is similar to the SRS but is specific to certain departments within CNU. Here’s what you need to know:

• Prospective Advisor: Like the SRS, applicants must have a prospective advisor professor in a BK department at CNU.

• Department Selection: This scholarship is specifically for applicants of BK departments, which are part of a national initiative to enhance research capabilities in Korea.

• No Separate Application Needed: As with the SRS, there is no separate application form. Eligible candidates will be automatically considered.

What’s In It for You?

Both scholarships offer significant financial benefits that can make a huge difference in your study abroad experience. Recipients of both the SRS and the BK SRS receive a full tuition waiver for their first semester at CNU. This is a substantial financial relief and can help you focus on your studies and research without the added stress of tuition fees.

How to Apply

The application process for these scholarships is streamlined and straightforward:

• Establish a Connection: Ensure you have a prospective advisor professor at CNU who is willing to support your research. This is a critical step in being considered for the SRS and BK SRS.

• Submit Your Admission Application: Apply to CNU as you normally would. There is no need for a separate scholarship application; your eligibility for the SRS and BK SRS will be assessed based on your admission application.

Chonnam National University's SRS and BK SRS scholarships provide an incredible opportunity for international students to further their education and research in Korea. These scholarships not only offer substantial financial support through full tuition waivers but also facilitate meaningful academic connections by requiring a prospective advisor professor. This structure ensures that students are well-guided in their research endeavors from the very beginning of their academic journey at CNU.

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