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The Samsung Global Sungkyun Scholarship at Sungkyunkwan University: A Golden Opportunity

An in-depth look at SKKU's Samsung Global Sungkyun Scholarship, opening doors for international students to experience unparalleled Korean education.
The Samsung Global Sungkyun Scholarship at Sungkyunkwan University: A Golden Opportunity
The Samsung Global Sungkyun Scholarship at Sungkyunkwan University: A Golden Opportunity

Pursuing higher education often takes students beyond the borders of their home country. With its rich tapestry of culture and innovative academic environment, South Korea has emerged as a preferred destination for many. If you want to study in Korea, particularly at a revered institution, the Samsung Global Sungkyun Scholarship is one such beacon of opportunity.

The scholarship specifically targets remarkable freshmen. If you're among those chosen for nomination, prepare yourself, as an interview might be on the horizon. The aftermath of the nomination process? You will receive individual notification post the second qualification announcement.

Two notable scholarship options are available, Option A and Option B.

Option A

  • Complete tuition coverage for four academic years (including the entrance fee). However, maintaining this scholarship requires diligence. Students must:
    1. Enroll in a minimum of 12 credits (with the exception of 9 credits in the 7th semester) and maintain a GPA of 3.7 or above without any failing grades. For the first and second semesters, a GPA of 3.5 is acceptable.
    2. Alternatively, an overall GPA of 3.7 across semesters without failing grades is also accepted.
  • A stipend of KRW 570,000 monthly (totaling KRW 3,400,000 per semester) for living expenses.
  • Priority in dormitory allocation and complete dormitory fee coverage.
  • An invaluable 1:1 monitoring program that connects you with alumni, professors, or experts tailored to your field.
  • An exclusive counseling program to further aid your academic journey.

Option B

It covers only trituration for four academic years and mirrors the academic requirements of Option A.

It's crucial to note that falling short of these academic requirements can have consequences. Failure to meet the required GPA will result in the forfeiture of the scholarship in the subsequent semester. Two such instances will lead to complete disqualification from the scholarship.

If you're keen on exploring study abroad programs, especially in Korea, this scholarship offers a robust stepping stone. Its stringent requirements echo the commitment to excellence and the holistic educational experience it promises. If learning in Korea inspires you, leap, and let the Samsung Global Sungkyun Scholarship pave your way to academic success.

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