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The KINGS Scholarship for Graduate Students at Kyungpook University

Discover the KINGS scholarship at Kyungpook University, a golden opportunity for international graduate students seeking sponsored education.
The KINGS Scholarship for Graduate Students at Kyungpook University
Photo by Bundo Kim / Unsplash

Kyungpook National University (KNU), a leading institution in South Korea, is proud to offer the KNU International Graduate Scholarship (KINGS) to exceptional international students.


KINGS is available to both new and enrolled students.

For New Students:

  1. Their department must recommend students, following a departmental screening process that ranks applicants based on merit.
  2. The scholarship accommodates up to 70 new applicants prepared to make a 100% tuition payment.

For Enrolled Students:

  1. Current international graduate students scheduled for the following semester are eligible, provided they attained a grade of B0 or higher in the previous semester.
  2. The program allows for up to 210 enrolled students who can pay 100% of their tuition fees.


The KING scholarship significantly lightens the financial burden of an international study by offering waivers of 50% or 100% on tuition fees. This means beneficiaries can focus more on their studies and less on their finances.


Remember, scholarship beneficiaries are selected every semester after an intense screening process. This guarantees that the scholarship goes to the most deserving students and allows unsuccessful applicants to reapply in subsequent semesters.

Embarking on the journey to study abroad is exciting, and the KINGS scholarship at Kyungpook University makes this journey less financially stressful. Don't miss this opportunity to make your dreams a reality.

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