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Scholarship Opportunities for Aspiring Graduates at the Catholic University of Korea

Embark on your graduate journey in Korea with a comprehensive understanding of the tuition reimbursement scholarships offered by the Catholic University of Korea. Secure your academic and financial future today.
Scholarship Opportunities for Aspiring Graduates at the Catholic University of Korea

Are you dreaming of furthering your education in Korea? Whether you're seeking to immerse yourself in advanced studies or research, understanding the financial aid available can significantly ease your journey. The Catholic University of Korea offers scholarships that are what you need to fund your graduate studies. Let's delve into the details of these scholarships, designed to make studying in Korea more accessible and affordable.

Scholarship Overview

The Catholic University of Korea provides two types of tuition reimbursement scholarships aimed at graduate students in their first semester.

Excellence A Scholarship:

  • Eligibility: This scholarship is available to students with a TOPIK level 4 or above. It's tailored for students who have demonstrated proficiency in the Korean language and are ready to take on their graduate studies.
  • Benefits: Recipients will enjoy the full amount of the admission fee waived and 70% of their tuition fees covered for the first semester. This significant financial aid can alleviate the stress of educational expenses, allowing students to focus more on their studies in their first year.

Excellence B Scholarship:

  • Eligibility: This scholarship caters to a broader range of students. It's available to those with a TOPIK level 3 or above or scored above certain thresholds in internationally recognized English proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Benefits: Those who qualify for Type B will have the full admission fee waived and 50% of their tuition fees covered for the first semester. It offers substantial support, easing the financial burden of pursuing higher education.

Application Process:

To apply for these scholarships, prospective students must submit an online application through KUPID. It's crucial to carefully prepare all required documents and adhere to the application timelines. Remember, securing a scholarship can be competitive, and early preparation can give you an edge.

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