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Kyung Hee University's Global Vision: An Insight into Neo-Renaissance Scholarships

Dive into the transformative Neo-Renaissance Scholarships at Kyung Hee University – where Korean tradition meets modern educational aspirations.
Kyung Hee University's Global Vision: An Insight into Neo-Renaissance Scholarships
Kyung Hee University's Global Vision: An Insight into Neo-Renaissance Scholarships

Since its establishment, the Kyung Hee University System has passionately championed creating a "civilized world." Their mission centers around fostering values like freedom, peace, equality, and mutual prosperity. Today, when we talk about 'study in Korea' and particularly 'study abroad programs, Kyung Hee University stands as a beacon, emphasizing the fusion of traditions with modern aspirations.

Recently, the challenges faced by our society have been manifold, from the misuse of science and technology to mounting global tensions rooted in competition, environmental concerns, and a loss of human essence. Amidst these challenges, Kyung Hee has not only adapted but has spearheaded efforts to address them.

The 21st century saw the birth of the Neo-Renaissance movement at Kyung Hee. This initiative stresses the importance of humans reclaiming their history and civilization. Its goal? To birth a "global common society" – "spiritually beautiful, materially affluent, and humanly rewarding". And this isn't just theory. The Neo-Renaissance Scholarship, managed by the Global Academy for Future Civilizations, brings this vision to life, offering various' overseas graduate scholarship opportunities.

Prospective students eyeing 'learning in Korea' should take note of the three primary scholarship types:

  1. Social Contribution Scholarships: These are tailored for students aiming for internships at global institutions like the UN, those who wish to volunteer domestically and internationally, and those eager to explore diverse cultures both in and out of Korea.
  2. Academic Support: Catering especially to students facing challenges such as disabilities or financial constraints, these scholarships are also available for those pursuing professional education in Korea and abroad, those delving into Neo-Renaissance research, and students committed to producing top-tier research.
  3. Award Grants: These are prestigious accolades that recognize excellence in theses, literary art, and praxis, accessible to students from elementary to graduate levels.

Applications are routinely announced every September on Kyung Hee University's website and through University Weekly via the Global Academy for Future Civilizations portal. Those considering a vibrant 'study abroad' experience should not miss out on these unique opportunities.

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