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Discover the Incentive Scholarship for Graduate Students at Jeju National University

Discover the Incentive Scholarship at Jeju National University, designed to support students transitioning into graduate studies with previous connections to the university.
Discover the Incentive Scholarship for Graduate Students at Jeju National University

As an avid enthusiast for higher education in South Korea, I'm excited to share information about the Incentive Scholarship available at Jeju National University for graduate students.

Jeju National University, situated on the beautiful island of Jeju, offers an exceptional education experience. The university ranks within the top 50 universities in South Korea, making it a fantastic choice for international students.

The Incentive Scholarship is an incredible opportunity designed to recognize and support students who have previously spent time studying at Jeju National University. This could be through their Korean Language Program or as an exchange student from a partner university.

The scholarship provides a financial boost of KRW 700,000 in the first semester, aiding students as they transition into their graduate studies. It's a warm welcome to those returning to the university, highlighting the community spirit and support network available at Jeju National University.

Eligibility for this scholarship is specific. Interested applicants must thoroughly review the university's admission guide's criteria. Students who have completed more than four semesters in the Korean Language Program, with the 2nd semester completed before entering the undergraduate school, are given priority in the scholarship selection process.

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