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Study Abroad Made Easier: Exploring HISP Scholarships in Korea

Unlock your potential with HISP scholarships for international students. Realize your dream of studying in Korea through this comprehensive scholarship program.
Study Abroad Made Easier: Exploring HISP Scholarships in Korea
Study Abroad Made Easier: Exploring HISP Scholarships in Korea

Have you ever dreamed of studying in Korea? Suppose you're an international student considering study abroad programs. In that case, you should know that the Hanyang International Student Program (HISP) offers attractive scholarships to students showing outstanding scores on the entrance exam and an impressive presented artwork or portfolio.

HISP grantees are selected among undergraduate applicants based on their entrance exam results, including an online video interview and the quality of their artwork or portfolio quality. This scholarship opportunity opens its doors every semester during the admission period for international students.

But what does it take to be eligible? Well, the key requirement is consistency in academic performance. To retain the scholarship, students are expected to maintain a GPA of 2.0 and above for every semester. If you consistently perform well in your academics, this scholarship can be a fantastic opportunity for you to realize your dream of learning in Korea.

So, what benefits do these scholarships offer? Depending on your ranking through comprehensive screening, you could be eligible for a 100%, 70%, or 50% tuition fee reduction. This scholarship can be a significant financial relief and boost your overseas graduate scholarship journey.

One of the best parts about this scholarship is its duration. It extends throughout the entire period of enrollment. That means it covers eight semesters for 1st-year students and four semesters for transfer students. This extended period of financial support can greatly enhance your experience of studying in Korea and allow you to focus on your academics without financial stress.

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